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Copacker Insight: To Do - Product, Name, Sales outlet &....Packaging?

Welcome to Copacker Search Wisdom

Why yes, believe it or not, but it is very important to have a decent idea of what packaging your new product is going to be in! We have many clients who think: "Oh well, it will go in a jar, I suppose. I would like a cork, I think. Does it matter if it is HDPE or PET?".

Well, if you want to start looking for a copacker and understand the process your product will be subject to, yes, we better come to terms with what packaging you will use! Different types of products have to undergo different processes such as cold fill, pasteurization, hot fill, HPP, or retort for example. All of these require certain types of packaging. This could have an effect on what you imagined your product would look like on shelves. It will also have an impact on COG for your bottom line. It can also determine your frustration level in the future because not all packaging will be as easy to obtain as the next. Many have long lead times and some have massive MOQs. And, of course, it also determines which copacker is capable of running your product.

Do Yourself a favor and start the packaging investigation early. You may continue to refine your choice as you go through the process of obtaining a process Authority Letter and selection of your copacker until you get down to the fine details. It is a long process with input from a few sources. Start with a general idea of what you want and, like a good worker, whittle it down as you work through the process. You can only have success!

If you need help with this process, whether it is finding packaging sources, crackers, process authorities, or general guidance, drop us a line! We are here to help.

As always, happy hunting!

The CVL Team



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